The Department for Transport’s guidance on local speed limits encourages local authorities to introduce more 20mph zones and clearly highlights a more flexible approach in the use of 20mph speed limits – particularly where pedestrian and cyclist movements are high, such as around schools, shops, markets, playgrounds and other areas which are not part of any major through route.

The objective of these 20mph zones and limits is to enhance the local environment by reducing vehicle speeds to create a safer road environment for all, but with particular emphasis on children. The introduction of 20mph zones in the vicinity of schools and their surrounding residential areas is also designed to encourage children to walk or cycle to school.

The introduction of 20 mph schemes is a well-established element of Leeds City Council’s programme of road casualty reduction in residential areas, and has had success in reducing both traffic speeds and the number of recorded injury accidents in these areas.

Consultation will be undertaken with the Emergency Services and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (formerly Metro) ahead of general consultation Each affected school will be consulted with in writing ahead of moving forward to advertisement of the new speed limit order. Notices will be placed on street covering the advertisement of the 20mph speed limit and the vertical traffic calming. These notices will include a plan of the proposed 20mph zone or limit for information. The advertisements will also be placed in the local press.










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