Mental health is the number one health and wellbeing priority for LGBT+ people in the city according to community research undertaken by the Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project.

The survey of LGBT+ people in Leeds found that nine out of ten of the respondents had experienced mental health difficulties that had impacted severely on their day to day life in the last five years. Around 40% of respondents said that they weren’t confident they would be able to find support for their mental health that was appropriate for them.

“Some LGBT+ people in Leeds are having poor experiences accessing mental health support where services and practitioners do not have the cultural awareness or understanding of their lives”, said Anne-Marie Stewart, Community Development Worker for The Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project. “Research tells us the high rates of mental health difficulties within our communities is driven by experiences of discrimination, violence, bullying and a lack of safe and welcoming spaces.”

The project also found that experiences of homophobic and transphobic hate crime were common to many LGBT+ people in Leeds and ranged from verbal abuse and harassment to sexual assault and physical violence.

The full report can be found here  and the summary can be found here

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