After 13 years building up Leeds Community Foundation (LCF) to be one of the top performing Community Foundations in the country, Sally-Anne Greenfield is to step down as Chief Executive.

From setting up the Foundation in her own living room in 2004, Sally-Anne has led the organisation seeing it grow to a team of 17 whilst staying close to its original mission to create positive change in the Leeds communities that need it most.

Sally-Anne led the team in raising over £50 million in donations, and distributing £33 million in grants to local community groups. She was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Leeds Beckett University in recognition of her work in supporting thousands of charities and good causes in the region.

“I’m immensely proud of our achievements and how much LCF has grown”, said Sally-Anne. “It has been a privilege to lead the Foundation in its work and help to improve the lives of thousands of people in Leeds – some in ways that have been life changing, others in terms of practical, everyday support.

“It has been a fantastic experience to work with such a dedicated team of Trustees, and a real pleasure to work with incredibly talented staff who bring endless passion and enthusiasm to their roles.”

Sally-Anne will stay in place until early 2018 as a successor is sought. She will then move into a consultancy role to bring her skills and experience in CSR, philanthropy and strategy to a wide range of businesses and third sector organisations.

“Sally-Anne’s leadership has positioned the Foundation as one of the leading organisations of its kind in the UK”, said Rachel Hannan, chair of Leeds Community Foundation. “Her hard work and dedication has contributed hugely to the development of a very special organisation, which does much to improve the lives of many in our city. We will be very sorry to see her go, but she leaves behind an organisation and impressive team that is in a stronger position than ever to build on its successes and help create a city of opportunity for all.”











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