Leeds Royal Naval Association, which meets on the first Thursday of the month at the New Headingley Club, is looking for new members.

The membership is mostly made up of ex matelots, but there are also enthusiastic members from other branches of the Services as associates.

The main objective of the association is to continue the comradeship experienced and enjoyed during everyone’s serving days. One thing always at the forefront is naval humour – a lot of time is spent enjoying the banter between the various trades members were in.

The Leeds branch is affiliated with HMS Audacious and HMS Ceres. A trip is organised each year and they commemorate Trafalgar Day with a Naval Evening Dinner and a tot. Of course, there is also a serious side – looking after each other in times of need.
Why not go along and have a few wets while sharing your stories and ditties with old and new shipmates. Full Membership is for current and former service personnel;

Associate Membership, for service families, friends, Merchant Navy, Coastguards, RNXS, Sea Cadets (over 18) and anyone who supports the Royal Navy.

For further information, visit rnaleeds.co.uk, or call 07741 482505 or 07980 989096.


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