Fuzzy Jones, singer-songwriter, vinyl enthusiast and spellbinding pixie queen of Junk Shop Folk has just dropped a 45rpm beauty, highlighting the wonder of her magnificent voice-pipes.

Recorded at her own All Things Analogue Studios, where she and her collaborators kick it old school with some heavy-duty vintage equipment, ‘Blue Jean’ begins dreamily with slinky siren songstress Fuzzy beckoning you to “uprise with me” before falling in on a shuffling funk drumbeat with a thrumming acoustic rhythm guitar  over a gently thonking bassline. The verse leans into this groove while also conjuring up a vague sense of spookiness (but y’know, the good kind) before breaking into an organ-assisted uplifting chorus. With its talk of revolution and turning the radio up ‘Blue Jean’ possesses a nourishing sense of optimism which is currently in short supply.

B-side ‘Perfume’ is no less excellent, opening on a note of fragility, embarking on a slightly jazz-folk inflected arrangement and gradually building to some astounding vocal acrobatics. Bewitching stuff indeed!

Befitting the analogue recording process, the single is steeped in an authentic warm texture, best transmitted via vinyl and that would sit comfortably alongside Fuzzy’s 60’s & 70’s inspirations; Bowie, Bobbie Gentry, Joni Mitchell et al.

Fuzzy won Best Song at London Screenwriters’ Festival in February 2014. Swans, (co-written by Neil Innes), was featured in the first crowdsourced feature film, ‘50 Kisses’ and her music has been supported by Stuart Maconie on Freak Zone, BBC6 Music, Radio Leeds, York, Manchester & Lincolnshire, BBC Introducing, Radio DIVA, Chapel FM and many other online shows.


Blue Jean (No.45) is out now on digital and vinyl only. To get your hands on it, visit



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