Professor of Public Health Research and Policy at Newcastle University, Allyson Pollock, is appealing to people to help fund a legal challenge against those who are attempting to dismantle and sell off the NHS, Jeremy Hunt in particular.

In a letter currently being circulated she states:

Graham Winyard, giving notice to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, of our intention to seek a judicial review to stop NHS England from introducing new commercial, non-NHS bodies to run health and social services without proper public consultation and without full Parliamentary scrutiny. Working with Peter Roderick, co-author of the NHS Reinstatement Bill, Harrison Grant Solicitors and Nigel Pleming QC, we consider this introduction to be unlawful.

Accountable Care Organisations originate in the US. ACOs will fundamentally change the NHS and involve a radical reorganisation of health and social services in England.

These non-NHS bodies will have control over the allocation of NHS and taxpayers’ money. Their accountability for spending it and their obligations to the public will be under commercial contracts, not statutes.

This is a critical moment in the move to the privatisation and Americanisation of the NHS in England. Opposing it is going to be a big fight and we need a lot of help. It will be expensive, so please consider donating towards the cost of the judicial review on CrowdJustice. It is critical that we reach our funding targets for the case to proceed.

Please do all you can to spread the word to your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues, and send this link on.

Consultation on changes to regulations required to facilitate the operation of an NHS Standard Contract (Accountable Care Models)



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