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Room 2 Manoeuvre Bring Breakdance Theatre to The Carriageworks


‘Without a Hitch’ showcases Scotland’s urban dance scene in an explosive original performance at The Carriageworks Theatre on Saturday 14 October.

Ambition, jealousy and frustration manifest in a four man b-boy crew, struggling to move in the same direction. Following the downward spiral of the group, Without a Hitch uses powerful breakdancing and hip hop moves in Room 2 Manoeuvre’s new dance theatre production.

Room 2 Manoeuvre is an Edinburgh based dance company led by British dancer/choreographer Tony Mills. ‘Without a Hitch’ has been described as funny, dynamic, clever yet accessible.

Tickets for Without a Hitch are £12.50 (£10.50 concessions), and can be booked on 0113 376 0318 and carriageworkstheatre.co.uk.

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Finding Joy with Vamos


‘Finding Joy’, another funny, fearless mask production from Vamos Theatre, the UK’s leading full mask company, is coming to the Carriageworks Theatre on Thursday 12th October.

Joy is 83: she’s feisty, loves to dance, and is losing her memory. Her grandson Danny is rebellious, bright and always getting into trouble. When Danny decides to look after Joy, they discover a shared playfulness and growing love. But is that enough to face the challenges ahead?

Approaching the subject of dementia with humour and humanity, award-winning ‘Finding Joy’ has been performed across Europe and the UK, including a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe 2016. Praised by press and public alike for its consummate full mask skills, engaging storytelling, physical dexterity and emotional insight, the company continues to engage audiences with its wordless theatre.

‘Finding Joy’ is about memory, aging, love, and of course, Joy! Suitable for 12 years and upwards and is accessible to hearing and deaf audiences alike.

Tickets (£12.50/ £10.50 concessions), are available from 0113 376 0318 and online at carriageworkstheatre.co.uk


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Avenue Q at The Carriageworks


The smash hit musical Avenue Q (think a filthy, irreverent Sesame Street for grown ups) comes to the Carriageworks from Wednesday 27 – Saturday 30 Sept.

This bawdy comedy conveys life’s tough lessons through the trials and tribulations of Princeton, a bright eyed college graduate, who is anxious to discover his purpose in life; but first, he must find an apartment and a job, with no work experience — just like the other characters living on Avenue Q! He soon discovers that although the residents seem nice, it’s clear that this is not your ordinary neighbourhood.

Filled with gut-busting humour and a delightfully catchy score, not to mention puppets, Avenue Q is a truly unique show that has quickly become a favourite for audiences everywhere.

Tickets for Avenue Q are £24 (£23 concessions), and can be booked on 0113 376 0318 and at carriageworkstheatre.org.uk.

Avenue Q contains mature themes and language and is recommended for theatergoers 14 years and over.

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Award Winning Broadway Musical RENT Comes to The Carriageworks


LIDOS bring to life the revolutionary rock opera RENT at Carriageworks Theatre on Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 September.

A modern spin on Puccini’s opera La Boheme, Rent tells the tale of a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive in the wildly bohemian days of New York in the early 1990s. It was an immediate hit when it premiered off Broadway in 1996 and went on to win every major musical award, including the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize for drama.

This landmark musical tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists in New York City’s East Village. Over the course of a year, the group deals with love, loss, and modern day life in one truly powerful story. Facing the problems head on, they make personal self-discoveries and find what really matters most in life.

While Rent’s storyline delves into serious social issues of the times such as drug addiction, homophobia and the AIDS epidemic, its exuberant, high-energy music reveals the underlying message that love can prevail despite all odds.

Tickets for RENT are £16 (£14 concessions), and can be booked on 0113 376 0318 and at carriageworkstheatre.org.uk.

RENT contains mature themes and language and is recommended for theatergoers 16 years and over.



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A Far Out Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Carriageworks

Set in an enchanted forest with fairies, sparring lovers and a group of amateur actors who are putting on a play, Shakespeare’s most popular comedy opens the 2017 autumn season at Carriageworks Theatre from Friday 8 to Saturday 9 September.

A bold and magical production set in the swinging sixties, A Midsummer Night’s Dream celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love.

On a moonlit evening during The Summer of Love, four young lovers find themselves wrapped in the arms of an enchanted forest where poppies grow and fairies rule. While a feuding Fairy King and Queen war, their paths are crossed by an amateur dramatics group rehearsing a play.

The course of true love is anything but smooth, and games of fantasy, love and drug-fuelled dreams ensue in this “far out” new staging of Shakespeare’s most popular comedy – packed with romance, hilarity and all your favourite sixties tunes.

Following their much-loved productions of Blood Brothers and Brassed Off, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, re-unites the multi-award winning team of Northern Spark Theatre and Bite My Thumb.

Tickets for A Midsummer Night’s Dream are £12 (£10 concessions), and can be booked on 0113 376 0318 and at carriageworkstheatre.org.uk.



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Are You Easily Embarrassed?


What People Think is a witty and revealing original production by the Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers (CYTM) at the Carriageworks on Sat 29 July.

A team of researchers have come up with a hypothesis: people who feel embarrassment less keenly are more successful in life. They set out to prove their hypothesis through presenting the contrasting experiences of siblings; one who feels embarrassment easily and one who is never embarrassed. Created a talented ensemble of  young theatre makers What People Think is a light-hearted original show touching on themes of social awkwardness, growing up and success in a post-truth world.

Led by professional theatre director, Ruth Cooper, the group is formed of young people aged between 10 and 19 who meet weekly to create new and original theatre.  CYTM develops young people’s confidence and skills as performers, writers and directors. In creating a new piece of theatre the CYTM work as an ensemble, developing team-work and increasing their vocabulary of contemporary performance styles and techniques. The young people form a supportive group in which their creativity is nurtured and they are offered a genuine platform for their ideas.

What People Think is at Carriageworks Theatre on Sat 29 July at 2pm & 7.30pm. 

Tickets cost £6 (Adults £8) and are available from 0113 376 0318, online through the website at www.carriageworkstheatre.org.uk or in person at the City Centre Box Office, Leeds Town Hall.

Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers are looking for new members to join from September!

Informal auditions and introductory workshop will be held on Tuesday 18th July 6pm-7.30pm at the Carriageworks Theatre. If you’d like to get involved please call 07891 272410 or email carriageworksytm@gmail.com

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Two Great Shows at The Carriageworks for Half Term



The Carriageworks Theatre has two brilliant dramas for children this May Half Term.

‘Don’t Dribble on the Dragon’ (ages 2+) is on Wednesday 31st May at 2pm. It is based on the book by Steven Lee and features Tom – a toddler with a cool older brother, a secret dragon, and a dribbling problem that just won’t stop. When his dribbling threatens to tear the brothers’ friendship apart, can a dose of crazy dragon magic save them? With magic designed by the late Paul Daniels, this is a magical musical adventure and a great feel good show for big hearted adults, cheeky cool kids and loving little ones.


‘Tarzanne’ (ages 7+) is on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June at 3 and 7pm. Presented by Interplay Theatre, it follows the story of a young girl lost to the jungle as a toddler and growing up with an adoptive family of apes. Interplay specialise in theatre that engages the senses and brings interactive storytelling in immersive environments to audiences.

Tickets for Don’t Dribble the Dragon (£8.50/£9.50 adults/ £34 family) and Tarzanne (£6 /£8 adults/ £24 family) are available from 0113 376 0318 or carriageworkstheatre.org.uk



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A Double Bill from Leeds Arts Centre at The Carriageworks

Leeds Arts Centre presents a double bill of plays  at the Carriageworks Theatre from Wednesday April 26th to Saturday 29th April.

Both plays share a theme in that they both concern people in the shadow of death, and how they respond to their looming fate. The drama arises from the reactions of the characters to the challenges that they face, and their efforts to survive.

After Midnight – Before Dawn by David Campton

In the early 17th Century, six women are confined in a prison cell. They are awaiting the dawn, when they are to be hanged for witchcraft. They all bemoan their fate, and the injustice of what has happened to them. Some pray, some recall what happened to bring them here, some recall the tortures they have undergone. They all fear the dawn and the hangman’s noose. All except one. She is calm and composed, and when they question her she assures them that she will not share their fate. She is a real witch, and has the promise of the Devil that he will look after his own. They desperately ask her how they can be protected too. After much persuasion, she agrees to help them. They must give up their souls to the devil if they want to be his disciples. The result is not one that they expect.


The Rose & Crown by J.B. Priestley.

In the snug of a London pub, in 1946, a group of locals are moaning about the misery of their lives. The war has been over for a year, but shortages and rationing continue to bite. While they are discussing their miserable existence, a stranger enters and watches and listens to what is happening. The stranger interrupts them to announce that he is an assistant to the Angel of Death, and he is one short of his daily quota. He would like them to choose one of their number to go with him to make it up. If they don’t choose, he will select somebody. They find that the snug is closed off from the rest of the world, and they must make a choice, or be chosen.

The Carriageworks Theatre


Tickets: £12/£9 concessions.


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Hilarious Musical Satirist Mitch Benn Comes to Leeds


Mitch Benn DFTR Image 2017 smaller

One of the best writer/performers of comic songs in the country, Mitch Benn arrives at Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds on Saturday 25 February.

A regular on BBC1’s “The One Show” as the writer and arranger of “The Complaints Choir” and composer for two satirical topical ditties a week for “The Now Show” for BBC Radio 4 as well as BBC Radio 2’s “It’s Been a Bad Week”.  It’s safe to say Mitch is one of the country’s leading satirical song writers.

It’s been a morbid time for ‘the country’s leading musical satirist’ (The Times); he’s turned 46, his personal life is in turmoil and his childhood heroes are dropping like flies. At times like these, a man feels the Reaper creeping up on him… But is death anything to fear? Join Mitch to confront his (and your) mortality with hilarious and tuneful consequences.

Mitch Benn: Don’t Fear The Reaper

Saturday 25 February, 7:45pm

Tickets: £13 (£12 concession)

Tickets for all Carriageworks Theatre productions can be booked on 0113 376 0318, online through the website at www.carriageworkstheatre.org.uk or in person at the City Centre Box Office, Leeds Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AD. Tickets on the night can be picked up or purchased, subject to availability, at Carriageworks Theatre from one hour prior to the show.

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‘Dare Devil Rides to Jarama’ at The Carriageworks

David Heywood plays Clem 'Dare Devil' Beckett in a new play called 'Dare Devil rides to Jarama' Pic - Richard Marsham

Townsend Productions, well known for their vivid, politically committed theatre bring their newest show Dare Devil Rides to Jarama by Neil Gore to The Carriageworks on Thursday 26th January.

It is 80 years since the Spanish rose up to resist General Franco’s military rebellion. This compelling and humorous play contrasts the lives of International Brigaders Clem Beckett and Christopher Caudwell who were killed together at Jarama in February 1937, having become friends as members of the British Battalion’s machinegun company.

It’s a strange world in which a speedway star forges a friendship with a literary critic, poet and aeronautical expert miles from home. This unlikely friendship is celebrated in Dare Devil Rides to Jarma, a moving account of why so many ordinary people made the extraordinary choice to leave family and livelihoods and fight in the Spanish Civil War.

The play, a critical success, captures the humour, passion and emotion produced by the idealism of these men through immersive storytelling, stirring song and poetry. A cast of two play multiple roles in a grand theatrical style with music of the period arranged by folk musician John Kirkpatrick.

“The play is an exciting and evocative piece about the incredible contribution made by the volunteers of the International Brigades to fight the forces of fascism and to uphold the power of democracy”, said Neil Gore. “It is also an important examination of the fascinating life of Clem Beckett who achieved so much in such a short time as a top speedway rider and a rider in the Wall of Death around Europe. His life touched on so many of the major happenings in the 1930s, from involvement in campaigns such as better conditions in his sport and the Mass Trespass in Derbyshire, to participation in anti-fascist demonstrations in Manchester; visits to the Soviet Union with a contingent of sportsmen and women; and ultimately to his involvement in Spanish Civil War.”

Dare Devil Rides To Jarama

Thursday 26 January, 7:30pm

Tickets: £12.50 (£10.50 concession, £5 unwaged)


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